just another day of stepping on men’s hearts with my red lipstick

a new beginning: 19


if you have been following me for awhile you will know that i’ve always been struggling with my weight and you’ll remember me actually having a separate part of my blog dedicated to my weight loss journey. i am happy to tell you that i have just recently started my weight loss journey again. if you can remember i lost over 30 lbs last time so i’m hoping to lose around at least 100 lbs, hopefully more. 

now before i get messages about this, i am doing this in a completely healthy way, i am meeting with so many doctors all the time to make sure that not only am i doing this in a way that it will last but also to make sure my mental state is strong as well. I’ve lost count how many doctors visits i’ve had in the last month and i am so eager to stop talking about it and start looking and feeling better.

so many people have been so incredibly supportive of me (they know who they are), and i couldn’t have don’t it without you.

i’d like take the time to thank the anons who send me very hateful messages about my appearance and weight. This is not sarcasm. Whenever i start to slip up or lose motivation, i go back and look at those messages to keep me going because i’d like to prove you wrong.

I’d also like to take the time to thank the people you send me supportive messages.i love you guys so much and honestly i cannot tell you how much each and every one of your messages mean to me. To hear that you guys are proud of me is one of my biggest motivations. So thank you so so so much.

i want to make this very clear that i am doing this completely and utterly for myself.i’m so tired of feeling this way about myself. i can’t remember a time where i can honestly say i love myself and i think getting fit is a good place to start because that is where alot of my lack of confidence comes from. i just am so ready to be healthy and not look in the mirror and want to cry. i really think many of my problems stem from my weight problem whether its indirectly or not. 

so if you guys would like to follow me on my journey visit just click here or you can click the weightloss tab on the side of my blog 


i think this is my favorite description of harry ever


i think this is my favorite description of harry ever

One Direction - Acoustic Direction through the years
68,479 plays

One Direction Acoustic Performances

Wonderwall (x) - What Makes You Beautiful (x) - Gotta Be You (x) - One Thing (x) - More Than This (x) - Live While We’re Young (x) - Little Things (x) - Story Of My Life (x)

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Once upon a time…

when my dad stole my harry styles poster and put it random places


at first it was cool but then he did this


and my brother went down to get a snack at like 3am and it scared him and he punched the poster in the face

my poster was ruined

and so was my brothers pride

the end


i’m either in the shower for 5 minutes or an hour there is no inbetween


so this is my first cover. tell me what you think.